Monday, October 27, 2008

Porkchop is 4 months old

Happy 4th month birthday baby! The baby shower was fun fun fun..we had cupcakes, yummy! Porkchop made a haul, lots of great gifts and I am very very touched that everyone came and are all so encouraging and supportive. I am now working on the thank you cards. Its even more fun. I get to look at the gifts AGAIN and imagine him playing with the toys, wearing the clothes, (and diapers-woo hoo) I promise I will get them done soon. I got a call from Mom today that he got another box from a friend in South Dakota, this one had a Bumbo in it.. of course I had to ask what color.. and its green. I love green, have I ever told y'all that? I have been told by some experienced parents (J&J) that a Bumbo is a necessity.. i've seen them online and they are very cute. I wish things would get back to moving along in Kyrgz. I havent heard anything different, we are still waiting to see if things will start again. There are 2 families that went on trip 1 before me and 2 families that went right after me so I am somewhere in the middle of the line. I dont want to bug J too much but anticipate an email to her or a call by Wednesday to see if she has heard anything else. I am watching the C's blog and T's blog ,as well as, the ICF group to keep up to date.


Christina said...

Happy 4 month birthday to Porkchop! Lets all pray that things progress in Kyrgyzstan after our e-mail today.

Tari said...

I had a great time too Beth. I can't wait to see B. in all his clothes, taking a ton of pics and just plain enjoying watching you in your new role as mommy! What a lucky boy porkchop is.......Thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful day and friendship.