Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reminiscing- and news

I got some news from J about the situation in Bishkek. One MOE stepped down and another is up for appointment. Turns out a couple of signatues are needed for the letter that gives us the ok to book 'pickup' travel. Hopefully they will get moving again next week. In the mean time I am hoping and praying that this will happen. I need all of you to take a moment and say a quick prayer to get those letters signed and babies home for C&T, C&J, Me, T and the W's. We are all in the same boat. Some have been waiting 3 months to bring their babies home. We will know more next week. I have gotten some comfort in the pics and videos that I took when I met my son. Reminiscing and remembering how he looks and how he looked at me make me sad and happy at the same time. I ordered the crib mattress (the vibrating one) using some rewards I got from work, gotta love free money, so his room is almost ready. I dont have the pics uploaded from the shower but here are a couple of his room (work in progress) and the Nativity Yurt I got in Kyrgyzstan for him.


Christina said...

Loved the pictures of B' s room. We are praying so hard that something happens soon with our kids. We just need to be there to support each other.

Lori said...

I'm saying lots of prayers for you ALL! Thank goodness J with your agency gives you info--that's how I get it!!! (Sorta sad, huh?) In any event, praying, praying, praying your babies are home soon and things get rolling so we can get more referrals and babies moving. Not to mention that rockin' vibrating bed will totally be awesome for Porkchop!!!