Friday, October 3, 2008

And We're Off!!

Ok, We are off. Final preparations are made. Boarding passes are printed for the first leg and the shuttle is coming at 4am to get us. A little known fact for those of you planning on flying out of Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) - the ticket counters dont open til 4:30. We should be getting there just as they open. Mom and I figure both the big bags are going to be over weight so we are planning on paying the extra for the trip there, domestic requirements are a little less (50lbs instead of 70lbs). Mom got a spanking new Vera Bradley backpack for the trip and I bought a diaper bag there. They are so cool looking and totally washable.. love it. I am so excited for T. She got a referral for her girl! Yay.!!!. I am going to try to visit a couple more babies while I am there and am hoping to use the excuse of new blankets for M(R) & M(A) to get pics for a couple of waiting familes. So we are finishing up packing and taking some snacks along just in case. I will be back on line when we get there so come back on Oct 6 and i will hopefully have posted the big meeting.


mtay38 said...

Good Luck Beth & Char. Safe Travels!

Christina said...

Praying for you in your travels. Thanks for checking on my little man for me. Can't wait to see pictures of your first day with your son!!