Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still Waiting on the Judge

I'm still waiting on the Judge but living vicariously through others as they post their challenges and triumphs around the world. Maria, I am so thrilled for you and your 'boys' I check your post every day to see the beautiful pictures and thoughts that are so inspiring. I am still new at this so putting my 'day' online is a little wierd for me. The blogs I've been reading so far are for families adopting from Kyrgyz so I am hearing alot about the process and tips. If anyone out there is adopting from Guatemala I would love to hear from you! I am still trying to decide.

I suppose I will share what else is going on. Its getting hot in Phoenix, the triple digits are not far now. The funny thing everyone says is 'It may be 115 but, its a DRY heat.' I will concede that it is a different kind of heat (I hate humidity) but, people--I'TS STILL 115! So what do we do in Phoenix when it's 115? We stay inside. The patio, driveway, and sidewalks are too hot to walk on barefoot, the seatbelt (buckle) burns you when you put it on and the steering wheel is HOT. Living in Minnesota (I lived there too) we didnt go outside in the winter.. In Phoenix, we dont go out in the summer.

I have a funny story: I was visiting my best friend Lynn in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (I used to live there too) and we decided to go to the mall, for a nice pedicure. I was driving around the parking lot looking for a spot and finally found a great one. Lynn asked me 'Why are we parking so far away?.... I said 'cause there's shade here'.. In Phoenix we dont look for a spot close to the door. We look for a spot under a tree!

I'll sign off for now..

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Maria said...

Still wishing you the best in deciding which route to pursue. We are enjoying visiting "The Princess" and learning about her culture. If we can answer any questions, feel free to write!