Friday, June 6, 2008

Decision Made

Ok, so being a new blogger is no excuse for a week between posts. I have been doing alot of thinking about and researching my two countries and have made the decision to go with Kyrgyzstan (kur-guh-STAHN). I will build my family with a child born in a different country, halfway around the globe. But I'm looking at it this way: I get the opportunity to immerse myself in learning about a new culture that is so different from my own. I think I will try to learn some Russian!.. Russian for Dummies - here I come. Its a daunting thought to have so far to go to complete my dream of being a Mother. Mom and I went to the Phoenix PD this morning to get our FBI fingerprints done. There were alot of people there, I wonder how many reasons there are to get fingerprints... we will be mailing them Monday. I hope the FBI is quicker than the AZ Judge. I am still waiting for his approval of my Homestudy.
Now the task at hand is getting all the docs required by Kyrgyzstan's government. I only wish there were more of a timing schedule for which docs to tackle in which order. Should I get my fingerprints taken first so I can work on other docs while I am waiting? Do I need one before I am able to get another? I am learning all of this as I go. I am truly blessed to have a great Agency and couple of great new friends that have taken a similar journey through international adoption to help me along the way. A bonus is that they are both Notaries and will 'work' weekends to help me make everything 'legal'. Woo hoo! Thank you J & J.

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Maria said...

Oh, yes!! Learn some Russian. I wish I had. I think while we are awaiting our next referral, I will learn some basics -- Good morning, hello, how much, excuse me, thank you -- as they will come in handy.