Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Which country?

I dont know if any of you out there had trouble deciding which country you were going to choose to make your family dreams a reality but, I am. Suprisingly enough, not all countries will allow single women to adopt. I have narrowed it down to 2 countries. Kyrgyzstan and Guatemala. The time to referral is probably going to be the biggest influence in my decision. I do believe, however, that the decision will be guided by my faith that there is a child out there who needs me as much as I need them. So I am putting two pictures on the blog and hoping for the best.

So first up: Kyrgyztan. I'd never heard of this little country before starting on this journey. My friends say 'you want to adopt from where?' The children are beautiful and the time to referral isnt as long as some other countries. I am sad that the children are in orphanages and the travel requirements are hard to manage for a 'to-be' single mother.

Guatemala is having all sorts of trouble and my agency isnt sure when things will settle down enough to get referrals going again. I have friends (J & J) that are in the midst of trying to finalize and adoption for their little girl. They are almost there! The children are beautiful and I am encouraged by the care the children are given while in the care of the foster families in Guatemala and lets face it- Guatemala is closer, revisits would be more manageable. Living in the southwest we have wonderfully diverse cultural events available and bilingual schools etc.

At this point I have not decided and am taking a couple of weeks to pray about it and search within to make the right decision.

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