Friday, December 5, 2008

Waiting Still

Thursday came, and went with no news. So, it seems, has Friday. I will send J an email in the morning to see if she has had a chance to talk to T again to find out if I have had court and if the letters have been signed. I cant really see her 'forgetting' to send the families an update if the letters were signed, but she is very busy.
Its the not knowing.. I realize I have said that before (probably a few times) but not knowing is definitely worse than if I knew it would be mid January or even the end of January. Granted, knowing that I couldnt bring Porkchop home til the end of January would not make me happy but at least I would know and would have a goal.
So, to bide the time until I hear something I am going to start looking through my pictures and post some of my favorites. For those of you who dont know, I travel for my job, mostly from the Central zone West, and have had the opportunity to visit alot of places I may not have ever gotten to on my own. We will start tomorrow with Oklahoma City, OK.

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Allison said...

I was really hoping to see the letters had been signed. I remember how frustrating it was waiting for 4 months between trips and never getting very much information about what was going on. I hate that you are having to wait and even more importantly, Porkchop is waiting for you. I am praying that you hear good news soon. Big hugs!