Saturday, December 13, 2008

JCICS Statement

Nothing good on the adoption news front. There have been some statements circulating on the blogs I follow and the groups I am a member of. The JCICS has issued this statement

December 10, 2008
The U.S. Department of State does not recommend that U.S. citizens consider adoption from Kyrgyzstan at this time because of serious, ongoing problems in the country’s intercountry adoption process. A number of prospective adoptive parents have reported that their cases are not being processed. The U.S. Embassy has requested official clarification, but no formal response has been received.
According to local experts, no cases are being processed at this time. Further, the government of Kyrgyzstan appears to be making moves to strengthen its internal controls of and develop new legislation on adoptions. It has been reported that Kyrgyz citizens may have been denied the opportunity to adopt during the past year, even while some intercountry adoptions by non-citizens were being approved. At this time it is not clear what action will be taken on pending cases or if the Government of Kyrgyzstan will accept any new cases
The U.S. Embassy continues to monitor the situation and will provide clarification as soon as it is received.

None of us already in process know what is going to happen. Things change daily in the crazy world of international adoption. I am, of course, not giving up. My son will come home but I cant say when. I have to trust that he is being taken care of well and that we will keep getting updates and pictures. I have the utmost confidence that my agency is doing all they can to get babies home to their families. I am keeping my eye (and heart) on the prize. We usually get an update once a week. I will keep you all posted.
So here is where I stand:
  1. I know that my letter hasnt been signed.
  2. I know that I have not been to court yet (this will happen after the letter is signed)
  3. It will be 5-6 weeks after the letter and court before I can travel to pick him up.

Thank you for the continuing prayers and encouragement.


John, Jared, Ayden, and Taylar said...

Oh Beth, This news breaks my heart. I completely understand the no knowing part. We went through it as you know and it was the worst. We keep praying that you get this little man home where he belongs. Just keep thinking positive and keeping busy while you wait. It will at least keep your mind off all of it. Thank you for coming to the party. I wish we had more time to visit. I know that we always say it but let's get together for dinner soon and catch up. I still want to see all the rest of the pictures and video. We love you. John

Becky said...

Todays update is quite devastating. :(