Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oklahoma City, OK

In 1995 the landscape and our lives changed in the blink of an eye. A bomb exploded in downtown Oklahoma City. I had the opportunity for a quick trip to the memorial site and it is beautiful in its simplicity and calmness. Gateway structures bring you into the view of the reflection pool, the Survivor tree and wall, and the empty chairs that signify those who's lives were lost. Everything you see in this memorial has significance. The times on the structures at the east and west ends of the reflection pool, 9:01 represents the last moment of innocence, and 9:03 the moment of recovery. The number of rows of chairs references the floors of the Alfred B Murrah building. The link takes you to the website for more info. Its not a large memorial but is extremely meaningful and serene. I wasnt able to visit the museum (I was there after hours), but would like to return to learn more about those lost.

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Kathy W said...

The museum is worth your time. They start by putting you in a "committee room" and closing the doors, then they play a water board tape that was running. It captured the explosion. The doors come open and you walk through a chronology of the events, plus an analysis of terror in the world. It's incredible, really.

I am a PAP for Kyrg as well, for my 2nd child. Good luck.