Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update and Pics

B's room is done: Here is a pic.. you cant really see it but I painted clouds on his wall and took some of the things I bought for him on Trip 1, my aunt made a bunch of afgans some for B and some for the babies in Tokmok. If I dont go soon I will need to check with J to see if I can get them shipped there.

I heard an update from J and the gist is: Nothing signed yet. T (the other agency coordinator that went with her) is still in Kyrgz visiting her family and working hard to get some action going. Priority, of course, is for 3 other families (2 have been waiting 3+ months and 1 is a beautiful special needs girl) I hope T is successful THIS WEEK. After those letters are signed, I think I am on deck along with the other family left in the 'fab 5'. J said that once the letters are signed I can travel a couple of weeks later to get him. This of course is provided that I have had court already. I dont know if I have had court yet, J will ask Tatiana. That trip is about 2 weeks so I will be using all my vacation right off the bat in January. I am going to have to re-evaluate the amount of time I take off.. Initially I was going to take 4 weeks off but that didnt include any vacation time and I wanted to save that for some trips for B to meet family. I may pull out the big gun of FMLA, not sure though.
On another note, mom needs to quit watching segments on 'Easy ways to increase the value of your house'. Last week we got new carpeting in the bedrooms (I want B to come ome to some nice ecofriendly (made of corn) carpeting. I am now having ceiling fans installed in Mom and B's rooms and changing out the ones in the LR and my room. All things I have meant to do.. ... but never had the incentive to do.


Christina said...

His room is too cute!!!

Becky said...

Very cute room! You have always been good at home improvements. It seems to be a great way to keep the mind if you run out of things to do at your house, I have 5 rooms that need ceiling fans. I would be more than happy to accomodate you, in the name of therapy of course. Keep the faith!

Allison said...

So sorry that things are still delayed. I'll keep the prayers going and hope you hear some good news soon.
His room looks fabulous! I can't wait to see pictures of him in it:)

Lori said...

His room is adorable and I just have a good feeling he will be home soon! I'm so excited for you and will keep those prayers for the MOE going regularly!!

Corinne said...

Your room for B is really adorable! Hope you will be home with your sweet one soon!