Sunday, November 2, 2008


I havent heard any news.. but dont expect to hear anything until sometime next week. As far as I know once the letters have been signed we have a green light to book trip two. That involves a bit more of prep. We have send our passports away to get the visa for our short visit to Kazakstan. I am not sure how long that takes to come back but hopefully not more than 3 weeks. I will more accurate info on 'what to do' as soon as the letters are signed and I hear from J that I can book my trip. In the mean time, a little pic for you... its just his hand but trying to get another pic of a face that doesnt look like a face is hard. Off to Colorado this week then Los Angeles next week. Still plugging away at work. Still no solid decision on whats going to happen with my position.


Christina said...

Praying, praying and more praying for some good news this week.

Vikings Fan said...

Sending good luck prayers for quick, quick return travel!!

Maria said...

OOoops, I was using my "sports mom" blogger ID and not my "Kyrgyz mom" ID. :-) Now you know who I am.