Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More info

I got more info today about Porkchop. His birthparents are both Kyrgz and he was born June 25. We got conflicting information (June 26 or July 6) but now we have a copy of the BC, I think. The docs J sent to me are in Russian so she is getting them translated for me. I am happy I will be able to put both the Russian document and the translation in his baby book.

I also found a couple of tickers to countdown and show porkchop's age, so I added them. They are so cute.

The ICF group on yahoo has almost doubled in size. T got the word out and more ICF families have joined. It is great to keep up to date on the familes that are working with my agency.

Counting down.. 25 days!


Christina said...

How wonderful to get a small history on your baby. Can't wait to see pictures of him one of these days.

Shannon said...

Those few pieces of info our priceless, aren't they! By the way, our kiddos share a birthday! :)