Sunday, September 21, 2008

13 days-

Getting some stuff done this weekend. Mom was great and painted the baby's room with some stripes and a very soothing color. We put the crib together last night.. it wasnt so hard just took about an hour. I bought it from a consignment store and we had to disassemble it a bit to get it into the SUV so I just put it together the way I took it apart. Now I just need the mattress. We are getting the passport pictures today for the Visa's we need for visit 1. My dossier is in Washington and hopefully will be on its way to the MOE by the time I go. There are 2 other families with dossiers in Washington and they have already met their sons. They are hopefully (hope, hope, hope) going to be returning to bring them home by November. J said that after they get through the MOE and court it will be my turn.


Monica said...

Hi Beth! I just happened upon your blog. Our dossier is also at the embassy in DC right now but it will be a while longer before we get a referral. If you want to read along on our blog just send me an email and I'll add you as a reader.

So excited to follow along with your journey. Best wishes to you!!!

Christina said...

Of my goodness it is so close to the day you get to see your sweet boy. I would love it if you were able to get pictures of our little man. I appreciate it way in advance. I will be follwing your journey closely from home and I am so hoping to hear good news this week regarding our Little Man.