Monday, September 15, 2008

19 Days !!!

How cute is this picture. Well, its actually a coloring page but I love Grover and he's doing a happy dance! Nineteen days and counting. I have been so busy with work its been keeping me from worrying about whats coming up. I know I am fretting over things beyond my control but I am anxious to hear about the progress of my dossier. I got an email from L saying that the courier has it and I think that means its in DC. I hope to hear soon about the other families progress. I think we all got there about the same time so we will see where that goes. Its looking like I will be able to take some time off and work from home for a while after B comes home. I wish I knew when. Scary thing is that my medical doc expires the end of December so they need to move it along. We are all waiting it seems. All the other blogs indicate waiting too, its comforting I'm not alone.
Mom is having some fun this week while I am gone. She is going to suprise me with something going on in the baby's room! I am excited. We have talked about what we want to do and I cant wait to see what she comes up with. I have tried to con her into putting the crib together.. I left the instructions and the allen wrenches very available lol. I have been putting off getting the mattress and dont want an empty crib sitting there so I need the mattress. Its that whole 'which came first' scenario. Cant have a crib without a mattress dont want to buy the mattress cause I am dreading putting the crib together. oh woe is me, such a conundrum... such drama.
Oh and speaking of drama, I spent this weekend in SF with L and her kids. We took the 10year old shopping for a shirt for her school pictures. OMG I am so glad I am going to be the mother of a boy.

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