Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy 3 month birthday Porkchop

OMG. My son is 3 months old (well, its his birthday in Kyrgyzstan but not the 25th til tomorrow here) and I leave to meet him in 10 days. I spent so much money last weekend but think I got everything. I bought all the gifts to take to the caregivers and orphanage director, a Costco size box of diapers, desitin, babywipes, baby tylenol... I hope the nannies like perfume. I found some great deals at Marshall's but still spent enough. Then Mom and I went to Once Upon a Child in Litchfield. I got a travel bed for trip 2, and a lightweight stroller. Mom got me a playyard for my shower gift. (thanks MOM). The shower is on track for Oct 25 and the Evites are sent out. Isnt it amazing, we used to buy invitations, mail them out, and wait for an RSVP, nowadays we click send and get results back from across the miles almost instantly. Technology.. Since we put the crib together it's become so much more real. I knew once I had put it together I would get really anxious and I was right. I am looking forward to 'taking in' Kyrgyzstan while I am there and of course looking forward spending as much time with B as possible. I am not sure about taking my laptop with me. I know I wont work but want to keep the blog updated. I will decide next week. On the agenda this weekend.. Packing.


Christina said...

Girl, Once Upon a Child is one of my favorite stores. The deals you can find. We also registered for a travel bed for Little Man for trip 2. Happy 3 month Birthday to your sweet boy. You will be holding him before no time.

Shannon said...

Awesome - glad you are all ready to go. Our little princess turns 3 mos old on the 25th, too! Happy birthday porkchop and K!

Corinne said...

So exited for you! Cant wait to be in your shoes hopefully soon!Enjoy the exitement of it all.May you have a wonderful visit with little Porkchop!