Saturday, December 11, 2010

1st Christmas

Christmas has come up so fast!.. I know I should know by now that its December 25th but still, with everything new that has happened this year I am just suprised it came so fast and I am so unprepared. In January it was "What am I going to do", February "Will she pick me" March "She picked me!" April, "I wonder if its a boy or girl" and then "Its a girl" May "OMG she's here" June "She's really here" July "Man its Hot here (LOL)" August "She's 3 months old" September "Its still HOT" October "what will we be for Halloween" November "Finalization Woo hoo, I have so much to be thankful for" and December.. Christmas? when did that get here?

We are having friends (who feel like family) here at the house this year. Punkin Runkin's first Christmas wow. The tree is up and we are working on decorating the house. The baby swing replaced the armchair that was in the living room and now we dont know where to put it because now there is a Christmas tree there.. And we will accomodate for a group of 12 in our little house. I am not worried though, we got 15 in my little 2 bedroom duplex a few years ago.

I wish all of you a joyous holiday season, whatever your flavor, and new year filled with hope and joy unending. Who knows when I will have time to write again.. One of my new years resolutions is to keep this up for P.R. so she can see what led me to her and what happend after.


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Jeanne said...

Very happy 1st Christmas with your daughter!!