Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone. No real news to speak of we got an email update with pretty much what we already knew. The note did include mention of a possible proposal on our behalf, maybe being presented to Parliment. I had thought this was done (previous post) but we havent heard anything. Not extremely encouraging but at least we are still on the radar. Presidential elections are July 23rd so we are still on the assumption that we wont hear anything til after then.

So to pass the time, I am getting a little remodeling done. It all started with my desire for a new refrigerator. I wanted a bottom freezer with water and ice in the door. So I needed to hire a plumber to add a water line. That lead to moving the laundry room and making a little office for Mom. Then I decided, since the market sucks and I wont getting a bigger house any time soon, I also needed to carve out space for me to have an office. When B comes home I will be working from home *big smile*. So I am losing my walk in closet...*frown*. Its 5x10 so it will work just fine for an office, near the potty, can shut the door for conference calls. So where will I put my clothes and shoes, you ask? I am getting 2 closets built in the bedroom which will actually work better for me. Suprisingly, its not making my room noticibly smaller. Its still a good sized room woo hoo. The next two weeks will be a mess in my house but then we will be more comfortable. Oh, I am getting the new refrigerator too!!!

I will keep you posted.

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Kimberly said...

Happy 4th, Beth! Hope the remodel goes quickly and smoothly!