Saturday, October 1, 2011

A promise and video

Oh how I wish I had time to keep this Blog going. I want to take the time... but I just dont. I am going to be realististic here and make a promise to anyone who looks at this blog because they dont have a Facebook account. Sometimes I wish i didnt, but I do, and its easy and quick and then I can get back to the kids and school. Anyway the promise is.. I will post here on the 1st and the 15th of the month at least. I will put it in my iPhone and in my Outlook and Hotmail calendars and will make it happen.. please forgive. I will be better.

Ok now for the update.. Well miss M has been walking up a storm.. this kid is pretty good at it too.. she has not had any skinned anything and rarely falls down. she slows down and steps over things or turns to the side to go around things.. even little things like her lamb on the floor .. its quite funny actually as she shimmies around her brother with him grabbing at her. Her latest facination is the dog door. uh oh. She used to just lift up the inside flap (we have a two flapper) but the other night, as i was watching her she nearly climbed through it and dropped her milk outside. I hadnt realized she didnt have it any more until I took the garbage out the next morning and there it was on the patio. Little stinker. She has also proudly taught her baby brother how to splash in the toilet. Ugh. Let me back up a bit... both the babies LOVE the bath and pool and will splash and splash until the water is ice cold and they are shivering. M usually has a 'moment' when I take her out of the tub. So when they found the dog water they were VERY excited.. well the dog water is now taken up periodically during the day when the kids are loose and walking and crawling all over the house. But then... dun dun dun... they found the toilet. Eek... It was kinda funny but still gross (immediate bath btw). I was sitting in the office (which as you know if you've been around here a while, used to be my master closet) right by the master bathroom and I hear splashing.. hmmm did i leave the water running in the sink? OMG its the kids. So I get up and go in there and they are smiling and having a great time.. Lesson learned.. toilet seat DOWN. Fast forward 1 week. I am now in the habit of putting the seat down, and am in the office working.... splash splash... crap!! M the big sister had lifted the seat up and was holding it for her brother with her head. Argh.. i dont want those toilet locks because, lets face it, I have encountered them and when you gotta go its hard to concentrate on getting that thing open. So we have resorted to closing the bathroom doors.. that should keep them out.. until she is tall enough to open the door of course.
And for Z.. well in addition to his shenanigans with his sister, who he adores and laughs at all the time, is crawling on all fours now. He likes to stand up and is getting really good at it..falling over often but after a quick cry gets right back up. He fell last night and banged his got all red but he went right back to it after his 'moment'. He chases his sister around and usually ends up running into something. The poor boy.. he has a bruise on his forhead now.
ok.. heres a Video of Z-man my little angel boy.


Tammy said...

Ok, you keep talking about FB so I'm going to bite...except...I don't even know your name! Strange virtual world we live in, isn't it? So if you are interested in being FB friends, my name is Tammy Rueger in Wisconsin. You can search me out and friend me. Or not. Whatever you're comfortable with but I'd love to hear all your updates of your two beautiful kiddos!

Jackie said...

They are growing so fast -- and are both so beautiful. I know what you mean about updating the blog -- I have been such a slacker myself. So many good intentions. I do like your idea, though ;) Perhaps I will try something like that, too.

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