Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grab a drink and snack.. this is long one.

Where have I been? I am sorry fellow bloggers I have been gone a while.. busy with two kids, full time work, filling out paperwork for Z's finalization and going to school. Its a wonder I have time for a shower some days... oh wait... well thats for another post lol.

M has had her 1 year birthday (May 7) and then we celebrated my 2nd Mothers day. I actually forgot that my first Mother's day was last year.. wierd huh. Mom had to remind me that it was my second.. I was telling her that it was really amazing that it was my first Mother's day and I had the pleasure of 2 little ones in my life.. she politely reminded me that..... um NO.. that was not correct. Last year Maddie was born on the Friday before Mothers day. Hmm.. thats right.. i totally forgot. Those first few days (who am i kidding--weeks, months) were kind of a blurr so its no wonder that I missed that I was part of the Momma posse now and, in my defense I had never been a Mother before so was always on the giving end of the honored day.

So what has been going on.. Well I am 7 months away from completing my bachelors degree.. Woo hoo.. I am 50/50 on whether I will keep it up and go on for my Masters (leaning towards going for it). Today--I want to get my masters in Adult Education/Training. I am really enjoying my new role at work and all of the new technologies for teaching that are out there. I love working from home (most days) but sometimes miss the people part of working. We are contemplating a move but not fully committed to that yet.

Z is growing leaps and bounds. His 4 month appt he weighed in at 15 lbs and somewhere around 26 inches. He LOVES to be held and likes tummy time for significantly longer than his sister. He has rolled over 2x but not consistently so I dont think I can count that as a milestone just yet. He doesnt really do the pacifier thing either (much to the thrill of my pediatrician) but loves his fingers.. I guess those are good enough.. no teeth but drools like nobody's business and goes through 2 or three bibs a day.

M is not growing leaps and bounds but she is 1 and moving around like a little speed demon. She crawls (very quickly when she hears Elmo on Sesame Street) and does the La-La-La-La when he is on. She stands up on stuff and likes it when we walk with her, nothing solo-yet. The helmet is OFF yay.. her head looks pretty good and now I have to do her hair..oh boy. We have gotten into the habit of moisturizing a couple of times a week since we got it off and are washing it once a week. So far I like the cocobutter conditioner the best.. just wet it down, glop it on, rub rub rub and it really keeps it soft for a couple of days. Maddie loves having her head rubbed.. i think it was because of the helmet when we took it off at night we would rub her head to loosen her curls that were smashed down. I want her used to fussing with her hair so I dont have to fight with her when she is 2.. although that will probably still happen. Anyway. We tried the two puffs in the front look.. no pics yet.. but it was really cute. She had her 1 year appt and weighed in at 17 lbs (yes 2 lbs lighter than her brother) and 28 inches (yes very close). The pediatrician is happy with her growth she is still on the chart but I saw she is close to going off. She is eating real food with her 4 teeth. Loves cottage cheese (who knew) ham, not too fond of chicken yet. Likes carrots, peas, mashed potatoes, squash, strawberries, not to sure about bananas, doesnt like peaches, likes the lil toddler meals. She had the carrot ravioli with peas and carrots the other night and ate the whole thing. Loves toast, and had some pizza crust the other night (a carb lover). We just introduced milk in the sippycup and she isnt so sure about it.. she isnt a juice drinker so is used to water in her cup but i think she likes it. Her birthday was awesome.. we had friends over some with kids some without. My friends John and Jared and their two littles A and T-R. Teresa came over with D and V along with her grandchildren H and R who had fun with the toys.. our living room is where all the toys so as you can guess its a little crazy. I cannot believe its been 1 year and now I am the lucky momma of 2!! Wow. Enjoy the Pics


Kimberly said...

Love all the pix and the update Beth :) so glad to hear you are doing so well!

V said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I check your blog often so I was so happy to read your wonderful update & pictures of your kids!

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