Sunday, September 13, 2009

Article about the Kyrgz 65

We still have no word on movement for those of us waiting to complet our children's adoption from Kyrgyz. The Prime Minister is scheduled to visit the US on Sept 23-25. We have started a letter writing campaign to our Senators requesting their intervention and asking them to try to get a moment with the Prime Minister on our behalf. The article posted last week on Eurasianet includes interviews with a few of the waiting families. The stories are heartbreaking and echo the feelings and situations of all of us. Please feel free to copy the link and email it to your officials in the hopes that the chatter on capitol hill will get to the Prime minister and he will use his power for the good of the children.

Nothing new on the domestic front either. J responded to an email I sent her requesting the status (domestic is new for my agency) and she indicated nothing yet.

Thank you all for your support. I am sorry I dont keep this up as well as I would like. I will try to do better.


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