Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally pics

Well we finally got family pictures taken only a month late. Z of course smiled almost every time he is such a ham. Maddie did great but towards the end there she had a little attitude so Nana brought out the big guns (her Lamb blankie). Things are going well with the two of them in the same room. One wakes up the other but usually they go back to sleep.

M is eating great she likes peas and strawberries, likes ham and meatballs. So far still no peaches but everything else is good. She stand up next to things and walks with the walker and when we hold her hands. The other day she was holding only 1 of my hands and just let go..... stood there a little bit then realized she was standing and sat down on her butt... lol it was kinda funny the way she looked up at me like 'why did you let me do that'. Z is eating a little rice cereal he is up to a scoop and a half and sucks it right off the spoon.. he also tried the sippy cup today.. I think he likes it. Not sitting up yet by himself but rolls back and forth. He's starting to like napping on his side. Anyhooo.. here are the pics. There are more on FB. *Hugs*