Thursday, October 20, 2011

The 10th??

Well, sheesh I missed it. Here it is October 20th and I missed the 10th. I have an excuse though. I was out of town for work from the 9th to the 14th.. LONG trip. I missed the babies like crazy but we got alot of good work done for our new product team. We have another trip in November, for some more training but it should be a good learning opportunity.

What's going on with the kids, you ask? Well.. Maddie has turned to biting. She has her new chair and wants to be by herself in that chair and 'read' her book. Well, her brother allows nothing of the sort, and constantly crawls over to her and tries to take the book. Mind you, he tries to take everything away from her and it just so happend that his elbow was close to her mouth ... the wail that came out of Zachary was heartwrenching. I knew something happened but didnt know what till i saw the 8 little teeth marks in his arm. What do i do about that? We told her NO Biting and No Teeth but she still tries and sometimes we dont catch her in the act. I've read its 'normal' for kids to bite but youza its not fun for mommy to deal with. Any suggestions??? I am open to anything.. she may get a bite back if she's not careful.. Zachary has two teeth.

As for Zman.. hes sleeping in his crib!.. Yay.. he has gone back and forth from the playpen to his crib for a while now.. always waking up and screaming until someone picks him up. But we have his blanket and his snuggly and his Pooh with him everywhere he sleeps now so hopefully we figured it out. Its kinda funny to take EVERYTHING in the crib from one place to another for him but it seems to keep him comforted having those things with him. He doesnt nap!! ugh.. Nana likes a nap once and a while and Maddie is good for at least 1 two hour nap sometimes 2 but Z is a 15-20 minute napper and thats it.. any suggestions there would be greatly appreaciated too.

The dog door is still a fascination for them.. the other night Max (the dog) wanted to come in but Maddie was sitting inside it. She's gonna go out one of these days.



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